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Laparoscopic Knotting Device

LapKnot system is designed for simplifying the knot tying in the laparoscopic surgery.  LapKnot system consists of two elements, knotting device and suture cartridge. Lapknot laparoscopic knotting device is exclusive for suture cartridge. This suture cartridge could be adaptable with multi-filament absorbable or non-absorbable suture. The indication use is soft tissue approximation with interrupted suture technique.

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Laparoscopic Suturing

Despite advancement in surgical techniques and the availability of newer surgical tools, laparoscopic intracorporeal suturing and knot-tying remains the universal challenge and the most difficult skill in laparoscopic surgery, the complexity of laparoscopic suturing continues to be the barrier to greater adoption of minimal invasion surgeries.  LapKnot aims to simplify the intracorporeal knot-tying process and to optimize the surgical sutures in laparoscopic practices.