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Innovations: Welcome

Clinical practices, mechanics, industrial designs and ergonomics are the cores of the company’s competence.  The innovations started from LapKnot, the laparoscopic knotting with instrument-assisted solution, and extended to Calypso and Submarine, the instrument-free knotting designs as well as Singer, the automated design with needle-passing and knotting integration into one single instrument.

10+ of the intellectual properties containing components movement, industrial design and the applications of interrupted, continuous stitching, ligation and auto suture are the solid foundation of company’s various innovations. 

Innovations: About Us


Submarine, inherited from company core competence and intellectual properties, is the revolutionary innovation of instrument-free knotting design to conduct efficient, reliable, cost-effective and reproducible results of intracorporeal knotting per present surgical standard.  Submarine and the successor, Calypso, significantly reduce the complexity of knotting without any change of present surgical procedure, or any compromise of effectiveness and strength.

Calypso, the newest innovation being able to accommodate almost all sizes and materials of suture, can be broadly adopted in microsurgical, orthopedic, general surgeries and even more.  The introduction of Calypso further expands company contribution from laparoscopic boundary to the entire surgical communities.

Please leave your contact information if you would like to further explore Calypso.  We will send you the access password shortly.

Innovations: Our Technology
Innovations: 圖片


LapKnot,  the design of  the proprietary instrument and suture cartridge, is the very first innovation of MATRIXLabs Medical Inc.   The design fits conventional 5mm trocars and accommodates both multi-filament absorbable and non-absorbable suture. LapKnot not only enables surgeons to easily perform the intracorporeal knotting with stronger and more consistent strength but also represents the origin and foundation of all innovations from the company.

Innovations: Our Technology
Innovations: 圖片


Singer is the 5mm automated technology which integrates both needle passing and knotting in one single instrument.  The concept is to resolve intracorporeal suturing and knotting in single port surgeries.  Singer potentially can be adopted and embedded in robotic surgical platforms. 

Please leave your contact information if you would like to explore Singer.  We will send you the access password shortly.

Innovations: Our Technology
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